helping vets help pets

Our Mission and Vision

  • We believe that veterinary ultrasound can and will be routine in veterinary practice
  • We are dedicated to helping veterinarians help their patients
    • We also are dedicated to helping veterinarians achieve better work-life balance
      • We think family matters
  • We are convinced that software solutions will provide the tools for all sonographers to do a better job for their clients and patients
    • Whether specialist or generalist

Our Roots

  • We are deeply rooted in clinical veterinary medicine- real world and real patients
  • We know how to be efficient in a busy clinical practice
    • We have been dedicated to having work-life balance in our own lives
  • We have been committed to excellence in medicine, and maintain that committment

Our Team

  • Veterinary specialists
  • Our partners
    • programming specialists
    • web specialists
    • ultrasound companies
    • student organizations
  • Our users who provide feedback and inspiration
  • Our patients, for whom all this matters