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EchoVet Reporting

In these videos, we will show you how to use the powerful reporting features, which let you quickly format and generate reports in a variety of formats, to email, print, PDF or copy/paste into your existing practice management software.


Preview and Formatting

You can easily preview not only your whole report, but each section of your report. And, you can reformat each section of your report with just a click. Have a short report, fill some space by “expanding” it. Have a lot of information, you can always “condense” it with just a click. Choose where your measurements appear, and how. With just a click…

Exam Report

The reports on your examinations are self generating. Nothing extra, nothing omitted. Print your record through your browser, and then save it in the format of your choosing.

Charting Reports

We have provided very professional reports of pertinent charts you might want to generate. Automatically generated. Print or Email a PDF, or copy/paste into your electronic medical record. You have many choices of output. All automatic and quick.