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EchoVet Installation

We show you how to install EchoVet on your different devices. Installation is quick, automated, and easy to perform. We support different platforms:


Macintosh Installation

How to install EchoVet on the Apple Macintosh platform.

iPad Installation

How to install EchoVet on an iPad.
In this video, we will show you how to install EchoVet onto your iPad. The basic workflow is as follows:

  • On your iPad
    • Install Filemaker Go from the App store (this is a free download)
  • On your computer (desktop or laptop)
    • Install EchoVet from the links provided to you from when you registered
      • Hook your iPad up to your computer
        • Open iTunes
          • Navigate to your iPad by hitting the iPad icon</li>
          • Navigate to File Sharing > Apps > Filemaker Go and select Filemaker Go
          • In Documents, select Add and navigate to the EchoVet files that are on your computer
          • Select all the EchoVet files and add them to your iPad

Windows Installation

How to install EchoVet on the Windows platform, which also supports touchscreen use. This is currently the Mac video, the only difference is that you do NOT have to control-click the EchoVet___Runtime icon, just double_click it to run the software.


If you already have EchoVet installed and want to create a new User…

In your EchoVet software, from the Main Menu, go to Practice/Users

And press the New User button and fill out the form provided

  • The information on our form allows us to set up your copy of EchoVet for immediate use.