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EchoVet Continued Use and Updates

In these videos, we will show you how to continue using EchoVet when the free trial period is over, and how to perform the free updates when they are available.
There is no setup for EchoVet, since we do that for you “behind the scenes”, saving you massive amounts of time.


Continued Use of EchoVet

Continued use of EchoVet once the free trial period is over is through EchoVet itself, and is a simple process. You will be required to enter a credit card for continued use of EchoVet. We use secure systems, and we do not store credit card information in EchoVet or VeTS software

Updating EchoVet

EchoVet is designed so we can provide updates to you easily. These updates are provided free to users. We don’t yet have a video done, but just go to the Updates page