EchoVet now has FAST and Focused Ultrasound!

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I am so impressed with the FAST ultrasound system, in use in human medicine for a while now. This system has been championed and systematically improved upon by Greg and Stephanie Lisciandro. And… they have also developed an abbreviated ultrasound system for general practitioners to use, Focused ultrasound. This doesn’t replace the complete abdominal or echocardigraphic exam, but has a very valuable place, that I am sure will the future of veterinary medicine.


They have a fabulous book, Focused Ultrasound for the Small Animal Practitioner, that I own and have read cover to cover. Highly Recommended! They also offer webinars, online and in-person CE. I attended a webinar, it was great.

You can get more information directly from their website,

We both believe and use a templated system, so I integrated both the FAST and Focused systems into EchoVet, so that inputting and reporting and following changes in your patients is now a snap.

Our newest version of EchoVet 1.09 has all this in, and ready to go. We are not a substitute for the Lisciandro’s book and courses, we just help you implement what you have learned.