helping veterinarians be faster and better

Our Vision

EchoVet will be the new “front end” Electronic Medical Record system for your current practice management software.

  • Input your medical record quickly and intuitively, while performing better medicine
    • Drop-down menu driven, minimal typing
    • Ordered structure encourages complete and accurate clinical work
  • Analyze values you generate with veterinary specific normals in diagnostics sections
    • Provide more accurate interpretation of your examinations
    • We have a dynamic system, where we can input new normals for you as studies are performed
  • Reports are professional and automatically generated
    • Show clients the value in their visit
    • Place reports in your practice management software as PDF’s or by copy/paste
  • Education “on-the-fly”
    • Graphic and text help built in so you can refresh or learn as you perform your examination
    • Over 10,000 diagnoses
    • Automatic links to websites for instant education
    • Client handouts can be instantly generated


Electronic Medical Record System vs Practice Management Software

  • EchoVet is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software system designed to save veterinarians time as they perform their clinical work.
  • Practice Management Software (PMS) systems are designed to save staff time; but adds input, time and effort to the veterinarians daily tasks.
  • You don’t have to change your current PMS to use EchoVet. You simply integrate clinical reports into your current PMS and keep your current billing systems, reminder systems, financials, etc.

Future Direction Videos

You can see short videos of what has already been built for EchoVet version 2, that provide powerful functionality for the practicing veterinarian.

Medical Record Input

The input of the medical record, we think, should be easy for the doctors, and more. It should remind them of the pertinent facts they already know, and guide them as they do their exam. And, be fast. And, provide flexibility. Here is a video on how we have acheived all that. Everything is prebuilt for the veterinarian, and they can also change everything to suit their needs.


We have over 10,000 assessments, from every major veterinary text. These have been evaluated and formatted to give instant access to Wikipedia and PubMed lookups. They are also hierarchal, so your assessments go from less specific to more specific. You also make and change your Major Problem List and Historical Problems with the click of a button.