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EchoVet– Veterinary Ultrasound Software

Browser based, and Filemaker Pro for power users

  • Perform Higher Level Medicine
Input- options for both abdominal ultrasound and echocardiography allow for and encourages more complete and accurate clinical work
Analysis -better and faster analysis of values, so that diagnoses are more accurate
Education -educates clinicians as they work, increasing quality of care
Built in education system allows for “refreshing” of concepts already learned
Complete lists of virtually all ultrasound and echocardiographic possibilities allows for progression in ultrasound abilities
Reporting -rapid, complete, professional reporting
Charting – chart changes over time of important parameters
  • Easy to Use
    • Pre-populated so there is no setup
    • Drop-down lists minimize typing
    • Intuitive, ready for use
  • Template Driven
    • Laid out in very logical fashion
    • Encourages complete and repeatable examinations
  • In-House Ultrasound Becomes Routine
    • higher doctor confidence
    • Much quicker analysis (quit trying to find normal values in textbooks or sheets on the wall)
    • Input of what you found is phenomenally fast and complete
    • Report generation is faster, even for those with existing systems
  • In-house Ultrasound helps pets and generates revenue
    • Displays the higher quality of medicine performed by the hospital
    • Helps make the hospital ultrasound a higher revenue center

  • I have utilized EchoVet to generate my echo reports for over 12 years. The reports are thorough, detailed and very easy to read.  The program has proved to be very intuitive and easy to navigate. I have become so dependent on the software that I truly don't know what I would do without it.–Julie Martin, DVM, MS, DACVM (Cardiology), Rocky Mountain Veterinary Cardiology

  • I would like to thank you for allowing me to trial your Echovet program. As general practioner for 31 years with an interest in cardiology, I found the program to be very rewarding. It creates excellent and accurate reports and client handouts. The help sections have improved my skills and the ability to choose sets of "normals" are very useful. Echovet will be a valuable addition to my practice and to our other hospitals in CAPNA. Thank you for all of your time and efforts in bringing Echovet to our profession.–Dan Brod, DVM, Companion Animal Practices North America, Deer Creek Animal Hospital

  • My own use of EchoVet through the years convinced me this was worth refining and getting out to the veterinary community. I am a better veterinarian using EchoVet, and I certainly can input, analyze and report my cases "faster and better".–Carroll Loyer, DVM, DACVM (Cardiology), VeTS